Sharphams Vineyard

By: JohnnyTomorrow

Jun 12 2012

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Category: Photography, Travel


Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Yesterday gave us chance to spend the afternoon visiting Sharphams Vineyard near Totnes in Devon.

This thousand year old farm consists of five hundred acres owned by the Sharpham Trust.

The house, designed in 1770 by Sir Robert Taylor, overlooks the fields and wooded slopes above the River Dart, two miles downstream of the town

Of course we had to sample a glass or two and delicious it was too.

3 comments on “Sharphams Vineyard”

  1. Well done. I’ve often wondered about the best way to illustrate a vineyard – the grapes or the vines. This is a fine shot.

    • Thanks Victor.

      I took many images using the vines but this was my favourite. Unfortunately the grapes are not quite big enough to feature prominently in an image.

  2. You did a nice job here, it’s a great shot with the green curved line dividing the wineyard from the nice landscape behind

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