Canal and Cherry Blossom

By: JohnnyTomorrow

May 09 2012

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Followers of my photoblog will know that this weekend a friend and I set out on a 127 mile long walk for charity to walk the entire length of the Leeds/Liverpool canal over 4 days.

Well we finished on Monday evening both physically and emotionally broken men!

It’s was an experience of a lifetime. We both experienced huge highs and huge lows during the 4 days but as we walked into Liverpool on Monday with the finish line in sight the pain drifted away and we finally sat down at the last lock surrounded by family and friends that had come out to cheer us in.

I have only just had the energy to look at some of the photos I took during the walk and there are more to follow but for now this one caught my eye as it perfectly embodies the amazing way in which this huge feat of engineering has now become part of the natural countryside. It’s a quintessential English scene.

The charity we supported had now benefitted from nearly £2000 and we would like to thank everyone who helped and made donations.

It’s not too late to help us reach our target and the donations page can be found here

Donate to the Towpath Trek

11 comments on “Canal and Cherry Blossom”

  1. This trip sounds like an exciting experience! The photo here is great – fantastic colors.

  2. Wow, what a trip, beautiful photo!!

  3. Lovely shot! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your charity venture! And the photo is incredible!

  5. This is really lovely, I can almost smell the British countryside in your posting!

  6. This photo is just beautiful!

  7. What an adventure! I have heard about the canals, and have thought about it since I read “Three Men in a Boat” by Jerome K. Jerome. It is a hilarious story about three Englishmen (and Montmorency) who decide to rent a canal boat and take a trip. It was written more than a century ago, but it reads like it was written yesterday.

    Your photo, by the way, is simply stunning! I hope you will share more about your trip.

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