Late Winter Sunset

I know I know, another sunset.

We are being treated to some very clear cold weather here in the UK at the moment which is delivering some amazing sunsets so I make no apology this time.

This was shot yesterday when returning from an afternoon walk.

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7 comments on “Late Winter Sunset”

  1. Beautiful light. We have had several nice sunsets here too lately. Have you seen “my” sunsets from summer 2011 in my latest post?!

  2. There can never be too many beautiful sunsets. After all, we are only given so many in a lifetime, we should enjoy them.

  3. I agree. Besides, you captured this one in an imaginative way.

  4. I never tire of seeing another sunset, so thank you for sharing! We are also experiencing beautiful sunsets this winter from the eastern shores of Maryland, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. If I’m home and it’s another beauty to behold, I will take several progression shots. What a peaceful, mind-balancing ending to my stressful work days!

  5. love this, love the grasses…

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