Stormy Sunset

Can you believe I almost missed this one?

Walking back to the car with the family I had my head down against the strong winds we have here in the UK at the moment. A quick glance up and lo and behold this glorious sunset.

Apologies for the repetition (my last blog was also a sunset) but I couldn’t resist posting this as soon as possible.

Yet again the iPhone comes up with a great image.

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6 comments on “Stormy Sunset”

  1. A very powerful and impressive image. Where was this?

  2. It looks like a beautiful Turner sky – a lot more painful for poor old Turner to capture though…

  3. Good thing you didn’t miss it, beautiful capture. Amazing that is with an iPhone… although most credit still belongs with the photographer and not the gadget. No way could I have capture anything as brilliant even if I had a billion dollar professional camera!

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