Covent Garden

Perspective lines are, of course, vital to many images. I recently realised that I had been using them in my images but always to draw the eye from the front of the image through to the subject somewhere towards the back of it.

With that in mind I attempted here to have the eye taken from the back of the photo through to the front.

I cannot make my mind up whether it fully works but thought I would post it to see if anyone has any thoughts.

The image was taken earlier this year in London and is the roof of Covent Garden.

As always I value your thoughts and feedback on my images.

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7 comments on “Covent Garden”

  1. I like this. Lines in photos are very important to me, as are shapes and textures. My eye does travel back and forth from the back of the photo to the front/light. My eye does first go to the front light with it’s large shape, and then my eye goes to the back and then to the light again. Kind of like a little game. Fun! 🙂

  2. I love the focus, colour and texture of the photo. Well done!


  3. A good alternative use of lines in an image, which works really well.

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