By: JohnnyTomorrow

Nov 14 2011

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Category: Photography


Focal Length:58mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I’ve been playing around with depth of field in my images recently so I thought I’d share one from yesterday.

My local park has a number of wrought iron gates and railings which gave me plenty opportunity to get this shot.

As always I value your thoughts and feedback on my images.

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10 comments on “Gates”

  1. Johnny, thanks for the comment on my “A Room with a View” post. I appreciate it. I take photos for a hobby and your work is really inspiring. “Gates” is similar to some of the ones I’ve been taking of the railings and piers along the harbor here. But yours is much better. I look forward to following your blog! Great photos!

  2. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great detail and the shallow depth of field make this such a beautiful photo. Great work.

  4. Nice DOF in this fine image!

  5. Nice shot. Reminds me of the days of bold knights.

    How do you like your 5D? I am getting ready to upgrade and am trying to decide between a 5D and a 7D. I like the idea of the full-sized sensor on the 5D, but not the huge file sizes to wrestle with. Also I don’t need the video feature. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    • Hi Danita

      Thanks for your comments.

      I have to say I love my 5D. The full frame sensor was the main reason I bought it and I love the versatility it gives me. I have never been disappointed with the image quality although I do use L series lenses which makes a difference. I just find the camera is the right size/weight for what I do.

      Let me know what you decide and I look forward to seeing some of your images taken with your new toy.

  6. […] Whilst spending some time shooting portraits in the walled garden I was drawn to a set of locked gates which I used in an earlier post and you can see by clicking here. […]

  7. Great photos. Nice work with the depth of field, as with the lock photo. A pleasure to look through the images. Thank you

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