Brockholes Walking Trails

By: JohnnyTomorrow

Oct 29 2011

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Category: Brockholes, Photography, Travel


Focal Length:15.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Visitor Village is visible through the trees on the walk back on the “Reserve Trail”.

There are a number of trails of varying length to walk around whilst you are visiting Brockholes From the shortest, the Gravel Pit Trail, through to the Meadow Trail and the longest Reserve Trail which completes a circle of the entire reserve taking in Boilton Woods along the way. All of them are served by well constructed pathways.

Dotted along the trails are a variety of hides from which you can observe the feeding birds out on the water.

As ever there are other pictures and more information available to view by clicking on the arrows.

Feel free to leave any comments as they are always welcome.

2 comments on “Brockholes Walking Trails”

  1. Nice framing around the “floating” houses. Neat.

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