Brockholes – Visitor Village

By: JohnnyTomorrow

Oct 29 2011

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Focal Length:8.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Visitor Village is an amazing sight from every angle.

The village is situated in the middle of Meadow Lake which is a shallow lake ideal for bird watching.

A variety of wading birds can be seen feeding in the exposed mud. This lake was drained while the Visitor Village was constructed and then flooded again to float it as it is today. It is home to a range of water plant life including White Water Lily and Cuckooflower.

Work is still taking place to develop the reed beds which are slowly becoming well established and hold some of the largest populations of birds on site to provide safe roosting and breeding areas.

As ever there are other pictures and more information available to view by clicking on the arrows.

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5 comments on “Brockholes – Visitor Village”

  1. The architecture here is wonderful. And what a setting. Love the image. 🙂

  2. How are you I really enjoy your blog. I linked to your WordPress blog on my website about the PSP 3000 so my website visitors will visit your site also.

  3. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  4. what a fantastic discovery and what a lovely capture! it tempts you so much to get there

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